Train transport in the city is limited since most trains are meant for transport to and from the city rather than within it and are often overcrowded.


Ratmalana Airport is the city's airport, located 15 km (9.3 mi) south of the city centre.

It commenced operating in 1935 and was the country's first international airport until it was replaced by Bandaranaike Airport in 1967.

Ratmalana Airport now primarily services domestic flights, aviation training and international corporate flights.

Colombo has an extensive public transport system based on buses operated both by private operators and the government owned Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB).

The three primary bus terminals – Bastian Mawatha, Central, and the Gunasinghapura Bus Terminals – are in Pettah.

Bastian Mawatha handles long distance services whereas Gunasinghapura and Central handle local services.